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Old 06-13-2019, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by cooperino View Post

In all seriousness tho. I myself have adjusted them and had the arm slip ever so slightly out of adjustment while tightening the nut. Also, If you use the throttle lever to set to WOT during the adjustment there is also room for error. I like to do it with the cable disconnected to make sure I am getting it to WOT.

I think you probable have it set correctly tho. I would look into carb and fuel flow. For instance, how long was the carb sitting off the engine during all this. 10% ethanol fuel can gum things up in a very short time. I would take carb off, clean it real good. Set the float. I would also blow out the lines and clean the tank. Make sure the screen in tank is clean or replace and replace fuel filter if you have one or clean sediment bowl. Our Kohlers should run on the rich side. With that said proper fuel flow is crucial.

As a test you could try running it at WOT and start closing the choke to see if it smooths out. If it does then you know its a fuel or carb issue.
Hmmm...maybe I didn't do this governor adjustment correctly. It seemed easier than something that would require "three hands". All I did was loosen the nut on the governor arm, take it off, turn the shaft all the way ccw (seems to stay in whatever position you put it), carefully put the arm back on so that it also faced all the way ccw (the carb appears to be fully open at this point), then tightened the nut. Fairly sure the shaft didn't re-turn a bit while doing all this. Did I miss a step?

I was wondering about these in-line fuel filters - how long do they last? Mine has probably been on a few years already. Can they be taken apart and cleaned, or better just replaced?

Thanks for all other suggestions - carb, tank / screen cleaning (or replacement). I know about those screens - had to replace one that was all gummed up on this old Bolens snowblower that I'm hoping to sell (so far no takers)
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