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Old 07-23-2018, 08:57 PM
Gaber Gaber is offline
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Join Date: May 2015
Location: Illinois
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Default Hello from Illinois Chicagoland -- Re Cub Cadet 882

Help Please --
882 Cub cadet Diese with Kubota engine.
Driveline proble. Driveshaft coupling spiral wound pin keeps breaking.
Has anyone found a good solution.
It was fine for 30 years and now had to replace pin three times.
Will appreciate any input regarding this problem.
Tractor is useless if I can't fix it.
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Old 07-23-2018, 10:27 PM
J-Mech J-Mech is offline
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There are several things that can cause the spirol pin to break. Age and wear are normal. But the diesel engine is especially hard on the driveline.

I will go ahead and get into all the complicated mess, but before hand I have one question. Did you replace it with the correct spirol pin? Or did you use a spring pin? A lot of times, people don't buy the correct replacement. A spring pin won't last very long. Make sure you are using spirol (coiled spring pins). They look nearly solid.

What can cause them to break repeatedly is:
*If the hole in the input shaft or the driveshaft has worn out, and the pin doesn't fit tight.
*The bearings on either end of the driveshaft are worn out. (Extremely common and overlooked.)
*The rear flange is loose on the hydro input shaft
*Bearing is out of the front of the hydro
*Excessive engine movement due to worn out mounts
*Loose rear end mounting bolts
*Bent driveshaft

All of these are common issues. Each needs to be addressed and corrected respectively.

There is a "fix" for this type of driveline, however. The later tractors used a CV style shaft instead of the flex disc joint style shaft. Find a used driveshaft from a cyclops tractor. The list of models with the CV shaft is pretty long, so they aren't terribly hard to find. Buy one of those shafts. You will have to have it shortened I do believe, for it to work in an 882. Member and sponsor on this site JeffinPA (Parts by Jeff, in the link at the top of the screen) makes the correct adapter for both the engine, and the transmission to make this conversion. Contact him to get what you need. He can also shorten the driveshaft for you if need be.

Good luck.
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