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Default New Applications

There seems to be a big problem with new membership applications in regards to the E-Mail address given. Any E-mail address that is Microsoft based (ie: Hotmail, MSN, & Live) are by design, blocking the E-Mail Verification notice sent out by Even though there is a notice to this effect at sign up...

We, as Admin, have attempted to contact new applicants only to find the "blockage" in effect and thus we can not get in touch with these people.

If an applicant does not respond within 30 days of signing up, then the application is deleted. There are many applications deleted on a weekly basis because of "no reply".

Yes, some people sign up and never follow through.

New applicants have two (2) choices to use at sign up:
(A) Do NOT use a Microsoft based E-Mail account,
(B) Remove the Microsoft filters and allow the E-Mails notices to go through.

Hopefully, this notice may reduce the number of weekly deletions of well intentioned applicants.