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Originally Posted by Wntsom4 View Post
Ok I have a QA42AU111 with my 1976 1250

Original owner is my father who gave me this beauty years ago

I’m currently tearing down both the 1250 and particular restoring it with some updates.

The QA-42 Runs no issues ever that I’ve used it for.

I have it torn down to the bucket and auger all other parts are off.

Looking for opinions on what to look for on items that need to be looked and replaced.

The only thing I see that catch my eye:

the blade on the bottom wore off in the middle
The drive shaft the rear of one of 1/2 shafts cap was half off ( I’m pretty sure this is open inside and not sealed but let me know.

The sprocket on the auger head looks good but not sure how a non wore one looks like. No teeth are missing or out of place.

Is there any updates that can be done to this while I have it apart?

Any help or ideas would be great !
The "blade" on the bottom is the wear edge. Not sure what you mean about the driveshaft. You should check and make sure the slip joint in the driveshaft isn't seized. Make sure the U-joints move freely, I replaced mine because they were old and the machine wasn't well taken care of.

Check the bearings on the auger and on the chain adjuster. They should be clean and greased and free of corrosion. The sprockets you can see new ones on CCspecialties or Xtrememotorworks. They shouldn't look directional (like a saw blade) but should instead look like all the teeth are upright. If they look more like a saw blade they need replacing. My sprocket on the adjuster needed replacing but the one on the auger does not.

They're pretty simple, you can replace or change most everything.

I made a thread with links to help find a bunch of replacement parts for these snow throwers.

I got wings, a drift hood, and drift cutters for mine from Xtreme.
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