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Originally Posted by westofb View Post
To tell if your throttle shaft (or carb hole the shaft sets in, that is usually the worn area), just grab the throttle shaft and wiggle it side to side, any side to side movement indicates wear. If it does move, kohler has a bushing that presses into the recessed area of the top of the carb that the throttle shaft passes through, it cures your problem (worn throttle shafts let excess air pass through the carb causing it to run erratically).

Just looked at my build thread (cub 149 Resto mod), see post number 30, there is a pic of the bushing (including the bag it came in with part number) from kohler to repair a loose throttle shaft.
Thanks Jeff! Went out and wiggled the shaft, WAY too much slop in it than i like. Thanks for the help with the part number!
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