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Originally Posted by J-Mech View Post
The 1X00/50 and the 1X8/9 frames while similar, are quite different in the engine compartment. See below:

Attachment 85730Attachment 85731

You can put a 16hp in the 1X8/9 frame.... I.E. the 169, but it needs to be a non electric starter. Switching everthing over to the other style is too much work. Wiring harness will have to be changed. Linkage for the mechanical clutch removed. Wiring for a PTO installed. Charging system is different. An AQS engine can be switched over to a an A, but it's easier to do during disassembly/overhaul.
thanks for posting that, I forget where I heard that the frames were "the same" between those 2 series... but I guess they really aren't...
I have a 129 stored away down the road that I haven't looked at since I took it out there to wait its turn for time in the garage... but (when) I do get to it, I had been thinking of converting to an electric PTO clutch. didn't think that, in and of itself would be that big of a deal to do..
Myself, I like the looks of the 129 front end better than the QL series.
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