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Originally Posted by Joltman View Post
Nice job. Currently I am in the process of copying you as your conversion is serving as a perfect “how to” guide. I will end up
painting mine red. It s an 1882. Will finish in IH Red/white/black. Thanks again for the info and inspiration. I’ll post a new thread as I make progress this weekend.
Thank you for the compliment. It was something I have wanted to do for quite some time. The best comfort and convenience features of the MTD built cubs combined with the good looks of the 82 series IH built machines. This one is a franken tractor as it has parts from many scrapped out cubs but with the loader it is extremely handy around here. I have the parts collected to change the dash tower in my Custom 2882 mower tractor in my avatar picture so it will have the tilt steering also. Might also change over the 782 to the cyclops rear fenders and dash tower. I really wish MTD had built the Cyclops series with the 82 series Sheetmetal instead of plastic.
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