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Originally Posted by Cub Cadet 123 View Post
First, . As always stated, pictures are helpful when assessing values. From what you stated, I would place the value somewhere between $800-$1200. Area and mechanical ability of buyer may also play a factor in the selling price (not necessarily value, though). Your Haban deck is worth around $400 with the undercarriage. That's not far from what I paid for one just about a year ago. Of course, piecing it out will always be more profitable than selling it as an entire package.

A lot of your bad is not THAT bad and could easily be fixed or overlooked, like the paint peeling can be overlooked as most of us have cubs with paint peeling or chipping. The front tires, wheel bearings, and tie rod ends are easily replaced for a benny, give or take. The wiring could possibly be cleaned up easily with some new wiring (and/or fittings). Does the engine just need a tune up or does it really need an overhaul? That could be the most significant part of money spent on repairs, so maybe a tune up might be all that it needs. If your cub is in "good" running shape, then in my area it would bring around $1200-$1800.

Glad you are keeping a cub back for your use.

Cub Cadet 123
Thanks for the info! Yeah if I was buying it most of the ugly wouldn't scare me. The steering gear is a pain and the steering cylinder is pricey. The tie rod ends, wheel bearings, etc aren't a big deal really. The old Kohler could use a hone job and rings I suspect, the hour meter is dead but it has a ton of hours on it, smokes a bit under load (I haven't bothered to check compression). I thought about keeping it, but I have too many trees to mow around. Your valuation was pretty much what I thought it would be worth, thanks for the confirmation.
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