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Originally Posted by cubs-n-bxrs View Post
Nice write up but you forgot to clean the crud off from the end of the crankshaft. Looks like the seal is sitting right on it.
Good point; I edited the post to include directions to make sure people clean things up first (assuming anyone reads this thing ). Thanks!

For what it's worth, the pics make the crank look worse than it is (I'd almost call the level of oil residue there a "stain"; when I'd run my finger along it, it wasn't noticeable so that's why I didn't work to clean it any farther). All told, I'm not too worried about it. I took it out and ran it last night after I got the seal in and so far no leaks, but the real test will be this weekend when I mow, that's get her good and hot. And if it leaks, it leaks. The pics for this tutorial were taken on two different machines. The pics from "Step 2" came from a machine with a different style PTO (1864) which only involved removing one bolt to get it off, the muffler and everything else was able to stay intact. All told, this project took less than 2 hours so if does end up leaking, I guess I get to do it again