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China builds exactly what the manufacture's ask.
We give them specifications and durability requirement's.
They do what they can to comply and still produce a quality product and make a profit.
Problem is when they are left to design or build an "economic" part.

Go to sometime if you haven't, and look up any part for your ride.
You will usually see listings for the same part as
Daily driver.
Standard replacement
Delco advantage.
Heavy duty.
All have very different prices reflecting the quality and durability of the parts.

I have some old John Deere equipment on my small farm and they always make a big deal out of Genuine John Deere parts as do other manufactures.
2 years or so ago I went to get bearings for an implement, and in the purdy
Green and Yeller box were the bearings wrapped in Deere rust preventive paper like always, inside were the bearings with etched number and "made in China"
So I looked at the box, and sure enough it said made in china also.
They are still working as expected and I won't be around in 50 years to see if they lasted as long as the original ones did.

We have driven off manufacturing in this country for several reasons.
Environmental rules, tax disadvantages are just two.

I see that getting worse with the new administration, after a promising 4 years of reversals.
But I'll stop there because it is political and not permitted.
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