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Originally Posted by cgmiller View Post
Would I adjust the clutch adjustment rod or the bolt on the top of the clutch assembly? I don't want to make it worse.
Did you download the manual(s) I linked to earlier? They will tell you how to adjust it. One part adjusts the clutch, the other adjusts the clutch brake. I don't want to read the manual for you..... or to you. If you read it and don't understand, that is fine, ask then.

Originally Posted by cgmiller View Post
I typically shift it into reverse to get it out of my barn and then into 1st to mow the yard. I can typically mow the entire yard without stopping.about 2-2.5 hours. I stop near the yard hydrant and wash her off and then put her back in the barn. I touch the clutch maybe 4-5 times every other weekend and no I do not ride the clutch. The mechanic told me not to do that.
Doesn't sound like enough use to cause any adjustment issues. Perhaps something is loose, or didn't stay tight.

Originally Posted by cgmiller View Post
As for the sediment in the carb. I do have the sediment bowl under the fuel tank and it looks clean. I can see some sediment in the tank that I need to clean out. I bought a vacuum oil changer that should work pretty good for that too.
If the sediment bowl is clean, the carb should be too. What makes you think it has something in the carb? Water also collects in the sediment bowl. You have to dump it out/clean it on occasion.
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