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Default I'm already collecting three and counting but shhhhh

Hey guys im new on the forum but I'm already making a nice collection 1810 1811 1812. So I am still home going to school but I always have a list that does not end with things that need to be done at the homestead. So I bought an all original 1810 with good deck, plow, weights, they were original owners so all documents too (nice touch). Then the very pretty 1812 with 340 hrs was left outside its whole life was in terrible shape. I got it for free and cleaned it up. I learned that mice piss eats kohler blocks so after repairing a hole in the block it is a very good running machine. It was an easy fix just removed the jug put a bolt thru it and used jb weld let set for 36 hrs works great no problems. So after acquiring those two I got an 1811 for my dad to use and I'm going to clean it up just as good at the 12 I have for him to enjoy. I have the trac vac, 2 450 blowers (1811 /1812), a sims cab, one 42"plow, one 54" power angle plow" 44c and 50c deck and a 18 cubic foot trailer rated at 1400lbs(its green but i still love it). So now i have the tools to save my back for the rest if my life and can't be happier lol. I want to post the clean up of the 1811 so probably do that soon. Also I know the tire on the 1812 is flipped on the one side rookie mistake will fix soon lol.
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