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Default Steering Wheel Removal

Here is a method I use to remove stubborn steering wheels. I use a small air hammer which you can purchase usually for less than $10.00.

1. Get a 4 inch 3/8 threaded bolt and cut the head off,
2. Lock two nuts approx 2 inches from one end and another nut placed where the clip of the air hammer will hold the bolt.
3. Back the Steering wheel nut out to the end of the threads.
4. Put a washer on the end of the bolt with the two nuts and place it down the center of the steering shaft.
5. Place the air hammer on the end of the bolt with the nut adjusted to allow movement of the air hammer.
6. Put your knees under the steering wheel and pry up. You can operate the air hammer with one hand and pull up with the other hand. I like this method as no chance of hurting the steering shaft threads and missing with the hammer. This works on all my wideframe Cubs. I don't know if earlier Cubs had the same hollow steering shaft.

Richard Christensen