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The two carbs don't exhibit EXACTLY the same condition - but it's similar.

Here's a pic of the carb that's on the motor now:

Here's the motor as a whole:

No, the filthy carb is not the one I just rebuilt. It's the one that was on the chipper and I just unbolted and moved over. I haven't touched this one in any way other than unbolting it from the chipper and bolting it to the vacuum. With how temperamental these junk flo-jet carbs are, washing the dirt off would probably make it come apart and never work right again.

As for vibrations, when it's sputtering and trying to keep running at low RPM, there's some decent vibration, but when it's running all out, there isn't any major vibration to speak of. It's bolted tight to the tongue of the trailer.

J-Mech - no points on this one, so even if the transdenser was a 1000 fold improvement over a condenser, it would do zero good on this motor. At any rate, the transdenser does what it's meant to do, so lets leave it at that .
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