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Default K341 cam and head replacement

I rebuilt my K341 93 hours ago. While mowing this last time it seemed sluggish while mowing and i started tweaking the carb. Well I shut it off and it never started again. I checked the timing and it was all wonky with the marks. Long story short the engine is out now. The head gasket is toast, several of the bolts were loose. There was nothing blocking airflow. The flywheel key was sheared. Iím pretty sure I put antiseze on the tapered surface fore ease of removal. Obviously didn't read that part in the manual. It had been starting hard for a little while now. So I checked the ACR and it was at .023 instead of the .031-.041 I knew the tab on my cam was the hardened unadjustable type but I tried anyway. Well it snapped so I am getting an older cam that is adjustable. Now for a couple questions

I donít know if I trust the head bolts. Is it ok to use the same size grade 8 bolts with the thick washers? I will be lapping the head on a surface plate. I hear some people using sealers on the gasket. Any truth to that? After torqueing it down and I get it started again what is the best run in/retorque procedure?

I know I have to take the crank out to get the cam out. Can I just get the piston at TDC and remove the endcap and be able to get the crank out? I would rather not remove the piston and rod if I donít have to. Can I leave the valves in and be able to get the cam out? Or should I go ahead and pull the valves while Iím at it and relap them. I had the seats redone and new valves only 93 hrs ago.

Retorquing the rod cap scares me. IDK why I just have fears of it coming loose. The manual calls for oil on the threads and 200in lbs for used posi-lock nuts. Is that all there is to it? No locktite or anything?

I think that is all the questions for now.
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