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Originally Posted by Merk View Post
I notice your ae the first time I watch the video (great video).

My Son and I started with Losi and I stayed with them. All the local tracks shut down and the ones that are still active run more than stadium trucks and buggies together. Most of the none stadium trucks and buggies are much bigger. I was a punching bag at one race......last time I ran them.
Yea the track I started at closed down so I started going to the track in the video, its a real nice place but its about an hour each way so by the time I paid for gas and entry fee I had $50 into going and I just couldn't justify the cost anymore. Another reason I stopped going is lack of competition, the few people that could run with me moved away or stopped going and it just wasn't fun being 3 or 4 laps up on 2nd place, despite my best efforts to help people with there set ups so they'd be more competitive they didn't want to hear it and yes once the real racers left it turned into a hack fest.
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