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Originally Posted by Lanceskene View Post
Thats a nasty habit those RCs, I got into them about 40 yrs ago and Im still addicted.... cars, trucks, boats, planes and heli's.... no quad-copter yet but thats about all Im missing. Have a new AE gas truck I still need to break-in the motor, and an AE gas pan racer thats about 40 yrs old... its one of those hobbies you get to share with the g-kids so even the wife cant complain too much. Lol
Ya it's a hard habit to break man! I buy all my stuff used and rebuild them all. Doing it this way they are so darn cheap that it makes it hard to pass up the deal The only thing that has gotten me to calm down buying these is Cubs HAHAHAHAHA! Still not saving any cash but just able to actually sit on these RC's now I had an early quad copter and it was really fun. My buddies day has it now and he uses it to grab video of houses he sells.
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