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Default 12" tires vs. 8" tires

The 12" tires of the ZT2 would obviously be better than the 8" tires on the ZT1. This brings up a question I myself have had. I had my heart set on a ZT2-50, due mainly to the serviceable hydros...but they just cannot be found- not here in Ohio anyway. I have thought about putting the 12" tires and wheels from the ZT2 on my ZT1, but then I thought- would the increased traction from the 12" tires put more strain on the non-serviceable hydros? Or, is it simply an upgrade that would have no bearing on installing them on a ZT1. The serviceable hydros, the 12" tires, and the arm rests were why I really wanted the ZT2. I don't care much about the larger front tires, or the wider strip of steel welded to the leading edge of the deck.
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