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Originally Posted by grizzly13 View Post
They are a Chinese made motor, Cub Cadet does not make them.
We understand that Cadet doesn't make them. To be honest Cadet and most other manufacturers buy most components and slap them on a frame of their own design.

Back to your engine, I'd be skeptical of the quality of a no-name engine. Lot of Chinese engines here in the US thanks to Harbor Freight and all the imported ATV's. My problem with them is there is more or less no such thing as a dealer network, factory trained service techs, etc. They are more or less disposable. Once these things get a little age on them, parts get hard to find, expensive. I've worked on a couple Predators for HF, and a couple ATV's. In each of those situations, to me any way, the entire parts finding/ordering was kind of sketchy. Maybe Cadet hopes to change that, but I doubt it--modern Cadet has enough troubles of their own in my opinion. Anyway, I still stand by my first post and would consider getting something with a Kohler. Of course if the warranty is good enough, you could wait a while and see if you got the "bugs" out of the new mower.
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