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MSS7120 04-17-2021 10:32 PM

40v Ryobi trimmer
Just bought a 40v brushless Ryobi trimmer today. Link below to exactly what I got. I also got the edger and pole saw attachments. So far I like it. It's not as good as gasoline (in some ways) like marketed on the box, but I wouldn't go back either. I used the edger first. My lawn has not been edged in years. I stopped the edger several times. After using it a bit I realized that the power head has a high/Low switch. Edging is a lower speed operation and it worked better after switching to low. I used the string trimmer a bit and it felt odd to me. I dug out all my old Ryobi "TrimmerPlus" attachments from 10 years ago and I realized that the rotation of the new trimmer head is counter what is was years ago. Glad I paid extra for the lighter carbon fiber shaft when I like using my old trimmer head better. Note on this, I'm left handed and like the trigger in my left hand.

With the expandit system the power head has the battery and the motor included. Most other trimmers have the motor near the trimmer head. Any attachment can be used with any power head. I prefer the balance of this placement. Power head options are 18v, 40v, 110V-AC, 2cycle gasoline and 4cycle gasoline.

No gasoline or oil to store or have.
Less noise and vibration compared to gasoline.
Compatible with my old "trimmer plus" attachments from years ago.

Less run time on 1 4ahr battery than gasoline
Maybe less power (i'm still evaluating this)

I have the following new "expand-it" items
40v power head 4aHr battery with fast charger
straight shaft carbon fiber trimmer
pole saw.

I have the following old "trimmer plus" items
straight shaft trimmer
curved shaft trimmer
garden cultivator
swirl cage leaf blower
Power snow shovel. (piece of junk, don't buy)

Overall I like it so far and wouldn't want to go back to gasoline. This is based on about 1 hour of use mostly edging. Some trimming and blower work.

If you have questions or comments or things to test let me know and I will attempt to answer.

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