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Admin 05-22-2010 06:17 PM

Forum Rules
OCC Forum Rules

• Registration to this Forum is free and gives you full access. We ask that all applicants abide by the rules and policies of this Forum and agree to same.

• Applicants will be allowed one (1) user account, no multiple accounts. If discovered, these accounts will be deleted at the sole discretion of the Administration.

• and are privately owned Forums. Membership is considered a privilege, not a right. As such, membership may be denied, revoked, banned, suspended at the sole discretion of the Forum’s management. The Administration reserves the right to edit, delete, posts, threads, and signatures that are deemed inappropriate for viewing and will be dealt with accordingly. If you have any questions concerning material being posted, please contact the Administration or Moderators prior to posting.

• Although the Administration and Moderators of will attempt to keep objectionable material off this Forum, it is impossible to view all postings, all the time. If you find an objectionable posting, please advise the Forum Administration.

• All postings express the view(s) of the author, and neither the Owners, Administrators, or Moderators will be held responsible of the contents of any posting.

• By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any material that is obscene, vulgar, sexually orientated, hateful, threatening, containing bad language, swear words, pornographic or otherwise violative of any laws. The Forum is considered a G rated or Family orientated site and posts should reflect same

• The Owners, Administration, and Moderators, reserve the right to edit, move, amend, close or remove any posting, for any reason.

• There shall be no postings for any material that is considered Religious or Political in nature. No matter how thinly disguised, these posts will be removed.

• Although these rules are general in nature, the Administration reserves the right to modify or amend these rules at any time without prior notice.

• All members are asked to respect the posts, viewpoints and opinions of others. You may disagree, but do so respectfully.

• No personal attacks, insults, abuse, or flaming is allowed. Postings of this nature will be deleted. If you have a problem with a member, do so in the private arena, not on this Forum. If someone has abused you, then please report it to the Administration.

• If you have a problem with a Sponsor or Vendor, do NOT post this on the Forum. These types of problems are to be resolved in the private arena. You can advise the Administration of the problem if you so desire, and it will be looked into.

• No double or multiple postings of the same subject. Any duplicates or multiples will be removed at the discretion of the Administration.

• No postings shall contain any illegal suggestions, advice, promoting, or advocating material.

• When responding to an inquiry, it is strongly urged and advised, that all responses attempt to descriptively help the inquirer out. Postings containing merely links to other URL’s maybe subject to amendment, modification, or deletion. We are here to help people out on this Forum, not simply referring people to other sites.

• When using the Classified Section(s), please follow the Section Rules. These are developed for the ease of both the Buyer and Seller.

• OnlyCubCadets, Owners, Administrators, Moderators and/or any Representatives take no responsibility for any transaction(s) in this Forum. All classified transaction(s) are solely between the buyer and seller. Please use common sense and good communication procedures prior to commencing a transaction.

• Personal information in your profile will not be disclosed to any one for any reason unless lawfully requested by a court document.

OCC Admin Team

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