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ironman 05-26-2022 07:31 PM

Police Chase
A naked man is breaking into a church.
The act is observed by a neighbor who reports it to the police.
The cops arrive while the culprit is still on the scene.
It's obvious to them that he is not armed with any weapons,
so they start chasing him down all over the church.
They finally caught him by the organ. :OMG:

Cub Cadet 123 05-26-2022 09:23 PM

:ROTF1::ROTF1::ROTF1: That's a HOOT, IRONMAN. I told that to my gal and she just rolled her eyes, but I sure got a good laugh from it. Reminded me of the pianist who said, "I'm not as much of a fan for having roses on my piano as much as I am for having tulips on my organ."

Cub Cadet 123

Billy-O 05-28-2022 09:37 AM

I guess the cops ran though the pews?

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