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dasha99 11-21-2020 03:34 PM

3200 Hydraulic Lever
Hi all,

I have a 3200 with the auxiliary hydraulic for front attachments. When I hook up the hydraulic lines from the front quick hitch to the auxiliary ports, I am not able to move the auxiliary lever. In fact, I forced it too hard and broke the clamp that holds the lever on. Any ideas why this lever would not be working?


Oak 11-22-2020 09:22 AM

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It sounds like the spool valve is rusted in place and won't move. I have a 3184 that has sat for a long time and it has a stuck lever. You might get lucky spraying some Kroil on it and try to work it back and forth. If that doesn't work you may need to take it apart. They are easy to rebuild.
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If you are a 3000 series owner you will have O ring failures on some lines. Here is a list of O rings needed to keep on hand for repairs. These are from McMaster Carr.
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dasha99 11-22-2020 11:39 AM

Thanks for the reply, I ordered o-rings and will just plan on rebuilding it. The auxiliary hydraulics have never been used on this machine so I would bet it's rusted in place.

Ziff53 11-28-2020 07:49 AM

Valve Rebuild Kit
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MTD still offers a rebuild kit 759-3512. Its was actually intended for a different valve but the parts are the same (see attached photo).

Oak 11-28-2020 09:25 AM

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They don't show the spring on the 3k parts look up but the ones from a cyclops will work. I now replace them when I rebuild one. They seem to be a little heavier duty too. It is part # 732-3059 and is #5 in the pic.
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