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NtMN2017 01-06-2021 01:01 PM

New Member from Texas
Retired and always interested in tractors. Have had several farm tractors, but now have time and shop space to dedicate to a IH Cub Cadet project. I have no idea which model, nor do I have any idea where to find a restorable model, other than Craigslist.
Local antique tractor club is mostly farm tractors, JD, IH, Massey Ferguson’s from a few decades ago.
Will begin sorting through forum archives, if anyone has any sources or recommendations on particular models that are favorable or model most manufactured, please give me your thoughts.
North central Texas

R Bedell 01-06-2021 05:45 PM

Welcome to OCC.......... :Welcome2:

spndncash 01-06-2021 07:27 PM

welcome! forum classifieds, craigs, marketplace, machinery pete, auctionzip, estatesales etc etc
hang out a while see what you like & what you value, originality, functionality, old fashioned good looks! they all have their merits! be forewarned it is difficult if not impossible to have just ONE!

IHinIN 01-09-2021 11:13 AM

Welcome. Good luck with your search.

eberner 01-12-2021 02:18 PM

Found mine on Facebook market place
About the only thing facebook is good for any more. In fact my dozer blade, show thrower, #2 Cart, #2 tiller, and all 4 Brinley implements came from facebook market place.:bigthink:

jubilee 01-19-2021 11:42 AM

PM Sent
Hello and Welcome to the site. I just sent you a PM.

eberner 01-19-2021 12:19 PM

Welcome aboard!
go with what ever you can find in decent condition and read the forum. Ive learned a tom from this site.

docmirror 01-20-2021 08:51 PM

I found an Original(1961-3) at a friends hangar. If it's restoration, I guess I would advise the older the better. Early to mid-60s.

Mine has some patina, didn't need much work, and I actually put to to work in spring and summer mowing. Not the greatest utility I guess, but it sure is cool to mess with, and still ride around.

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