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Vrobert 11-12-2017 09:27 AM

QA42A to fit on my 1811
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I am planning to pick up this unit today (unless one of you outbids me) and I wonder if it would fit in a small SUV. I have a Chevy pickup but I don't trust it for long trips. It's a rust bucket.

I assume I can remove the chute to get it to fit in a Honda CRV.

Is there anything else I should look at before I agree to buy it? The ad says that everything works.

As an aside, I'm also looking for a plow. I read that the WF plows have the QA pins facing out while NF QA pins face in. Is that correct?


olds45512 11-12-2017 09:57 AM

To use it on an 1811 you will need to switch the pulley for one that's 5/8, you will also need to change the upper arms to the bent ones so the chute doesn't hit the grille when it's raised. I'm currently doing the same to my QA42A to put it on a 782.

R Bedell 11-12-2017 10:02 AM

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You will need to change three things to make it work.

* New PTO Belt - IH-78056-C1
* New Upper Mounting Links
* New Drive Pulley

PeterJ 11-14-2017 10:37 PM

I hope you won Rob!

The pulley looks to be 5/8' already. It's nice the chain is lubed up.

You don't have to change the upper arms. I've ran with straight arms for 23 years. It just limits how high you can lift the blower. That only effects backing up in deep snow. With good weight and chains it's not an issue. Most of the time you will back over areas that have already been cleared.


PeterJ 11-14-2017 10:43 PM


Yes, the pins point on the wide frame 42" plow.


Vrobert 11-14-2017 11:18 PM

I did win the thrower. While I'm in Frederick, MD retrieving it from the seller I plan to stop by the GBH and Sons Cub wrecking yard and see what they have. I'm interested in a snow blade, a 44" deck, weights, chains, and maybe a bagger.

Anyone ever visit GBH before? They've been there many years but have no website, just a facebook page. I think they sell by appointment only.

PeterJ 11-15-2017 10:07 PM

Congrats on the new thrower!

I just re-read your original post. I think it will fit in the CRV, most likely backwards would be best, but for sure

**** TIE IT DOWN! ****


Vrobert 11-19-2017 10:01 PM

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I picked up my QA42A yesterday and it looks to be ready to run but I'm planning a few maintenance checks.

The auger has a few dings so I'll get out the hammer and dolly.

The chute didn't rotate smoothly so I removed it, cleaned out all the old hard grease and spayed silicone everywhere. The shell opening was a little egg shaped so it got a few love taps where it was binding on the chute. I also re-greased the chute sprocket and now it rotates pretty well.

The auger bearings and drive shaft are nice and tight. I noticed about 1/4"of pulley rotation slop from the gearbox. Is that OK and should I pull the cover, clean it out and re-grease it? Oil or grease, any way to tell?

The zerk is broken off the drive shaft near the splines where it expands so I will need an easy out to replace it.

The drive gear bracket should be removed and inspected. The bolts and pivot will need anti-seize since steel and aluminum don't play nice together.

J-Mech 11-19-2017 10:14 PM

I would pull the box and clean it out.

The lube in it is a type of grease. You can buy it.... but I'll tell you what I do. I mix wheel bearing grease and synthetic gear lube in a container. Play with the mixture until you get it about the consistency of pudding. Solid enough to not be a liquid. Needs to be able to flow. Start with grease and add oil. I use a container with a lid and save what I don't use for future jobs.

ol'George 11-20-2017 07:32 AM

Take the gear box apart, you will not be happy with what you find if you have
a 1/4 turn rotational slop. :angry:
Either missing teeth on big gear and/or very worn keyways.
If you need shafts, OCC member "Jeff in PA" can make them for you.

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