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Originally Posted by sorner View Post
I don't think that would be too much work (for me anyway). I'm fine with wiring and stuff, that't no big deal. I have all the parts but an engine already. I have a yard full of parts tractors and I'm not afraid to use them.
Whatever you think.....

Originally Posted by sorner View Post
As a side note, we have a soon to be junked minivan and my wife actually suggested yesterday I try putting the V6 in the 149. That's one conversion I think I will avoid... I'm don't think I can get the PTO pulley to line up with the mule. I love that woman.
She sure has a lot of faith in your abilities.....

I'm going to tell you the same thing I tell everyone who comes on here looking for advice on a custom build. If you think you're able to do a job like this, then you shouldn't need any help from us. Get started building and show us how smart you are!! And if you ask a million questions while doing it..... then it was likely over your head to begin with.
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